When it comes to labels, no one beats Aptech’s prices for small and medium quantity label projects. We apply
the latest in digital technology to give you:
Exceptional quality - print your labels with a resolution of 2000 DPI, at printing speeds of up to 230ft/min on any label stock.
Fast turnaround times - often in hours or days
Competitive pricing - with our digital systems lower setup costs, we pass the savings along to you
No tooling or die fees - Aptech’s state-of-the-art laser systems require no dies
Exact production proofs - no color variation surprises

Plus, Aptech offers you a wide array of label options and capabilities:
Choose from a large selection of substrates - paper, films, polypro, foils and more
Multiple styles - sheet or roll form
Standard geometric or custom shapes
Accurate process color and optional spot color

Direct Printing
Aptech can print on a variety of substrates including plastics, metal, wood, leather, acrylics and glass onto materials up to 28" wide x 20" long and 6" thick. High resolution and variable dot printing technology deliver impressive, high quality results.

Wide Format Printing
Aptech Graphics offers state-of-the-art large-format color printing solutions designed with exceptional speed, flexibility and quality.

Laser Die cut
Our unique laser die cuttting system makes it easy to cut printed materials without the cost of preparing a die,
saving you both time and money.
Take third-party printing and cut it without a die
Either sheet or roll production
No burn marks
Shorter turnaround time - more value for your dollar
Precise, accurate production proofs

Doming Labels
What is Doming?
Aptech Graphics can improve your image and brand recognition by applying a clear lens over the label. Our
doming is manufactured to meet or exceed automotive quality standards. This clear resin doming protects
the label and makes it more attractive and appealing. Doming also makes the label highly visible. The 3D
appearance and depth will distinguish your products from your competitors thus enhancing your image.

It Sticks and Stays On
Our domes will work on an array of materials and inks. Doming will also adhere to most surfaces. The
doming resin will flow and conform to a variety of shapes and sizes. The doming resin will not crack or
harden. This protects your label from the harshest environment.

Embossed Foil Labels
Custom embossed labels are able to give jewelry, gift items, and numerous other products a very classic and high-quality look.

Our skilled personnel quickly and accurately assemble your order, and prepare it for secure, speedy shipping.


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